Saturday, July 4, 2009

Movie Scene: Fried Green Tomatoes

In Juliette, Georgia, about 15 miles from North Macon, is the Whistle Stop Café, the restaurant from the 1991 movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. I’ve heard that the café that inspired the novel that inspired the movie is actually in Alabama, but the movie was filmed on location in Juliette. The building was built in 1927 as a general store, and was several other things before it was used for filming the movie. After the movie wrapped, it stayed the Whistle Stop Café and opened for business to the public.

It’s been a few years since I’ve watched the movie (though I won’t get rid of my VHS copy), the inside of the restaurant looks exactly like the movie.

Of course we ordered fried green tomatoes as an appetizer.

My husband ordered fried catfish for dinner and I had a barbeque sandwich. I just had to order it, remembering from the movie when Sipsey declared, “The secret’s in the sauce!”

The food was good, and if you liked the movie, you’ll love eating here. A word of warning, though: it was 102 degrees outside when we entered the restaurant and discovered that they don’t have air conditioning. It was sweltering in there, and we weren’t sitting anywhere near the kitchen, which I’m betting was even hotter. Also, we went early (about 5:45 on a Saturday night). As we finished dinner, the line waiting to get in was lengthy.

There are a few movie-related gift shops on the same street, but they close early, so I can’t say if they’re worth going to or not, but my suspicion is that they are. Basically, if you want to eat at the Whistle Stop Café, my advice is to go early in cooler weather.

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