Friday, May 18, 2012

Lost and Lord of the Flies

Recently I finished watching the sixth season of ABC's Lost on Netflix, and it was right about the time I listened to Lord of the Flies in the car. I'd started watching Lost during the second season because it was what all my coworkers at that time were watching too. We'd even tape each new episode when it aired and rewatch it together on our lunch break the next day. I moved and didn't watch seasons five and six when they aired, but got interested in the series again during the buzz around its ending. About the same time my book club mentioned reading Lord of the Flies (or reread - we'd all read the novel before at least once). I had not read it since I was a sophomore in high school. I got the audiobook narrated by the author for the 50th anniversary, which included his own remarks on the novel at the beginning, which was fantastic (I love when audiobooks are read by their author). As both of these things happened, the two kept reminding me of each other. So I Googled "Lost similarities to Lord of the Flies," and I'm not the only person who has made this connection. This article sums it up best.

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