Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rereading a classic: Anne of Green Gables

"Mrs. Hammond told me that God made my hair red on purpose and I've never cared for him since."

I recently finished listening to Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables on my iPod (thanks to Librivox and Annie, the reader, who did a great job). It's been years since I've read the book, and I enjoyed it just as much this time, I think, as I did any other time. I think I got the book in my Easter basket when I was in fourth or fifth grade, and bought all the other books in the series later, as well as nearly everything else Montgomery wrote. And, I've seen episodes of the PBS series more times than I can count. If I know it's on, I'll watch it.

In 2006 I was on a family vacation cruising through Eastern Canada and New England. One of our stops was in Prince Edward Island, and I think it's every bit as beautiful as Montgomery described in all her books. One of the excursions the day we stopped in PEI was to visit the home that inspired Green Gables, a farm that was owned during Montgomery's life by some of her relatives. You can learn more about his house by clicking here for a virtual tour.

I took some pictures of the house during my visit, but that was when I used film. If I can get them scanned in, I promise to upload them.

Late last year I read an article somewhere that another book, intended to be the last of the series was found by a relative of Montgomery in some of her papers. The last I heard, the family was planning to publish this book, which, reportedly, was darker and tackled subject matter different from the rest of the series. I've kept my ear to the ground for more, but haven't heard anything. If you know something about this, please leave a comment for me!

I think I've decided to reread the rest of the series, and have downloaded three more Anne books to my iPod. It's such fun to reread things from childhood!

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