Friday, October 8, 2010

Revisiting My Childhood

Miss Helen was the preschool teacher for me and my three siblings. Each one of us had a special graduation note in our childhood boxes signed by Miss Helen. In this letter she talked about the world of reading - something SO great and amazing to learn in Kindergarten. She spoke of the many worlds, people, and places we would 'see' when we had the ability and love to read. I still remember how excited I was to transport myself to this world she spoke of.

My oldest daughter is now 7 and I'm able to watch her transformation as she has acquired the skill of reading. Not only can she reads, but she devours books and loves them with all her heart. Reminds me of me as a child....well, and frankly as an adult. I still get engrossed in a book and the rest of the world stands still. Now my daughter is embarking on chapter books I'm able to share with her many worlds, people, and places I went as a youngster. My short list of must-have young child chapter books:

Witches, Ronald Dahl
James & The Giant Peach, Ronald Dahl
Ramona Series, Beverly Cleary
Ralph Series, Beverly Cleary
Boxcar Children Series, Gertrude Warner
Nancy Drew Series, Edward Stratemeyer

What are your childhood favorite books?

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  1. I'll forever be drawn to the Anne of Green Gables series, big shock. Also, The Chronicles of Narnia was a favorite fro me...