Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Author Q&A: J. Randolph Cooper

I recently interviewed Atlanta writer and first-time novelist J. Randolph Cooper about his new book, Chattahoochee. He was nice enough to give me a review copy of his book, which I've read. A review is forthcoming in the next few days. 

Thoughts from a Bibliophile: What made you want to write this book?
J. Randolph Cooper: I’ve been interested in crime fiction and legal thrillers for most of my adult life. I wanted to write a book that was based around the places that I grew up around and to illustrate to the public the pressures of this line of work.

TFAB: What is your writing background?
JRC: Gee, not much. My background is primarily IT but much of my work over the last 15 years has been development of public-facing websites and thus the need for something that resembles literacy.

TFAB: Is this your first book? Do you have other books in the works?
JRC: Yes, this is my first book. I do have another one nearing completion that has more twists and turns.

TFAB: How do you view the changes in Craig [the main character] throughout the novel?
JRC: I love to see the changes in Craig, which mirrors many of us. I believe if there’s something you don’t like
about yourself, whether that be a character flaw or a trait that drives you (and others) nuts, CHANGE IT! Our problems sometimes seem insurmountable but if we write them down and think logically how to solve them (do you see the programmer in me coming out?) then we can change our lives in a positive way.

TFAB: What is your relationship with the Chattahoochee River like?
JRC: The Chattahoochee was our playground for decadence growing up. There was NOTHING illegal or immoral that could take place at the river because there was no law and no rules. Of course, nothing could’ve been further from the truth but that was the way we lived. The 70s were awesome!

TFAB: Where can one purchase your book?
JRC: The book is available in electronic formats only and may be purchased either via Amazon or Smashwords (for reader formats other than Kindle). The easiest way is just to go to www.jrandolphcooper.com and go from there.

TFAB: Where can one find more of what you've written?
JRC: The other writing that I’ve done has been as a food critic at http://atlanta-food-critic.com.

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