Saturday, March 12, 2011


As I've mentioned before, food ranks right up there for most of us. I consider barbecue from my home state, North Carolina, to be just about the best thing there is. We had it at the rehearsal dinner before my wedding, and I can't even start to count how many weddings, rehearsal dinners, graduation parties and birthday parties I've been to over the years where we took the pork for our sandwiches right off the hog. I was awfully excited when I got the opportunity to explore Georgia barbecue in a 12-county area east of Atlanta for Georgia Connector Magazine. I tried some fantastic barbecue and found it to be much like the Eastern North Carolina pulled pork I'm used to. Don't worry; I like Western North Carolina barbecue just as much, and while I've been watching the ACC Tournament this weekend in Greensboro, I keep thinking about one of the best places there is for that kind: Stamey's which is right across the street from the Greensboro Coliseum where all the hoops are happening.

Here are a few of my other favorite places:
Clyde Cooper's, Raleigh, NC
Ole Time Barbecue, Raleigh, NC
Red Hot and Blue, Raleigh, NC (Memphis style)
Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue, Wilmington, NC
Stamey's Barbecue, Greensboro, NC
Fox Brothers BBQ, Atlanta
Daddy Dz BBQ Joynt, Atlanta
Rendezvous, Memphis


  1. great job on the article!

    have you tried community BBQ here in Decatur? if not, next time you're down we'll have to go. i'd love to see what you think.

  2. Harold's BBQ in the Atlanta/Decatur area has been a hometown favorite for decades. It has a backwoods, old-world, "we've been here for a million years" type of vibe to it.