Friday, June 17, 2011

Gone With the Wind Turns 75

2011 marks the 75th birthday of the award-winning novel, Gone With the Wind (see what USA Today said about the celebration). To celebrate, Atlanta's Margaret Mitchell House has events planned this summer (see the schedule here). My book club has chosen to read it (or for most of us, reread) for our August meeting (we're even taking July off from meeting so we can all get finished with the 1,000 pages in time). In honor of both occasions, I've ordered a new copy of GWTW that I can dig deep into and mark the pages up (I'm afraid to do that with the copy I have from my grandmother's house). The version I now have is the 1996 edition, written with a preface by another one of my favorites, Pat Conroy. I'm hoping to make a visit to the Margaret Mitchell House this summer as it's been renovated since I last visited several years ago. And I'm most excited about rereading this novel. I've only read it once before and that was the summer after eighth grade. Since then I've just seen the movie about a million times. Happy birthday, GWTW!

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