Monday, October 31, 2011

Baltimore's Poe House in Danger of Closing

Edgar Allan Poe creeps me out. I have one of his books in my library and just looking at the cover is spooky. He's really the perfect writing to be reading for Halloween.

What's scary (because it's real) is that Poe's residence in Baltimore is in grave danger of closing due to lack of funding. He lived in the house from 1835 to 1837 and faces funding cuts from the city, an awkward location and not enough visitors to keep the place running.

The New York Times spelled out the problems in this article from August, as well as mentioned how other historical sites honoring Poe are fairing.

One thing I learned from this article that I'd never put together before: Baltimore's NFL team, the Ravens, are a nod to the author.


  1. I have tried to visit this house each time I've visited Baltimore and it was never open. They really do have awkward hours. I hope it can be saved. More sad literary news -- I think that the Travel Book Shop is closing in London!

  2. oh wow! I never knew that about the Ravens - how interesting, and cool! that's sad how many iconic and literary sites are closing due to budget constraints.