Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie: To Kill A Mockingbirrd

Yesterday my neighbor graciously agreed to attend a showing of the movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, with me at our local library. Though this is an adaptation of my favorite book, I had only seen the movie once before, which was right after my ninth grade English class finished reading the book. So, it's been a few years.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. A local English professor set the stage before the movie started with helpful information about differences between the book and the movie, and historical information about what was happening in the United States in and around 1960 when To Kill a Mockingbird was first published. For instance, Mrs. DuBose's morphine addiction doesn't appear in the movie. Gregory Peck was forever after associated with his Atticus Finch character. The novel tackles important social issues and falls into the category of the Southern Gothic novel genre (I'll likely be looking more into that). The novel also classifies as a bildungsroman for Scout, who grows from innocence to experience over the course of the novel (and movie).

The library had popcorn, water and soft drinks available, and gave out door prizes. My neighbor and I were disappointed to have not won one of the three copies of the novel they gave away or the pair of tickets to the play that will be performed in our county this fall. I'll probably be seeing the play anyway, even though I didn't win those tickets!

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  1. Last April(ish) I went with my husband to a production of the play in Orem, Utah, where we were living. Afterwards, I tried to restrain myself from rereading the book until after finals, but I just couldn't. After all, as good as the play was, the book is even better. We also put the movie on our "must see" list, although we haven't gotten to it yet. I have vague memories of Gregory Peck and the girl who plays Scout, but it's definitely time for a refresher.